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Monday, June 1st

So why did you start blogging? 

Happy June 1st!! Wow, I’m not starting the first of the month off right… Kiko, our new puppy, now like 18 weeks old, woke me up four times during the night because he had to go out. So when I woke up I felt like I didn’t even sleep!! Normally I’m up around 7… it’s past 9:30 that I’m starting to write this.  So let’s dive into what I really wanted to know about, why I started this! 

Ever since starting the business, well trying to start it. Jordan and I have been trying to learn how to be personally better. We are currently in this mentorship program and one advice they gave was to journal about everything: when an idea pops in your head to how you are feeling.  Well writing about how I was feeling was going to be really hard for me, because I am not in touch with them.  But I bought journals and started… I’m still not good at it but I can get some feelings down on paper.  Then one day a friend said that it would be interesting as a client to know what goes through your head/life.  We talked and the coach’s corner was born!! This would be a place for me to “journal” about what is going on so people can get some insight. This is totally new to me… I have never read a blog, nor wrote one.  So really, I just act like I’m talking to someone and type that.  I’m nervous about not knowing what to talk about and these not being interesting, but I’m going to give it a try. I hope to gain some followers that will give some ideas about what you want from me, and I really hope the best for this.  I, unfortunately, have no exciting story about how this was started. 

I will leave you with this; go for it.  My last two blog posts are all about just going for it.  Shoot for the stars and if you miss you will end up somewhere in the stars so just go for it!   

Until next Monday!