Monday, June 8th

Happy Monday everybody!!! Ugh, this past week was terrible!! I’m about to be real with you guys… early last week/middle of the week, I had to decide, yes decide to put my dog down… This was one of the hardest things that I had to do in my life. Now before we get into the why, I just want to reminisce in the good times and tell you a little about Kya and me. 

So one, I suffer from very bad anxiety. I get treated for this along with a few other things.  Kya was abused and also suffered from terrible anxiety.  She would just shake for no reason… and now that I think about it so do I lol. When I first met Kya she was my boyfriend’s dog, and she hated me… she would leave the room when I came into it, she hated being around my boyfriend and I. I believe it was because I was taking Jordan, my boyfriend, away from her. Then one day, which I can’t even remember how and when and why but she just started to like me! And our relationship just grew from there.  You could say that we bonded over having anxiety all the time.  She became my best friend, she just knew when something was wrong and would come over and lay with me and give me that smile like why are you upset about that, it’s going to be okay. We had a very special bond, you could say that she became my dog instead of my boyfriends. She helped me through so much that I actually went to my doctor and expressed how much she helped me and she became my emotional support dog. So that is a little background on Kya and me.

So onto the why… personally I really don’t want to say more than the vet thought it was the best thing for her under the circumstances. She wouldn’t do well in a kennel because she is so anxious and she suffers from separation anxiety, so she would be a mess if she left Jordan and I.  She wouldn’t do well in foster care, and because of her anxiety and she isn’t good with other dogs. The vet was really real with us and told us that if this was her dog she would put her down.  Knowing her whole life story is what she thought was best.  And honestly, that is what makes the situation even harder for me because I know it was the right option. So I had to take my best friend in, and sign the papers and put her down… that has been my week.  I have been so depressed that I haven’t had the appetite to eat, drink, or even sleep.  I haven’t worked or worked out because I sliced my foot open lol.  Sooo yeah I think that is it. We are going to have a better week this week!!! But Kiko the other dog is crying to go on a walk so that is my cue to get going!! Have a great week, and until next Monday!!