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Monday, May 25th

Good morning beautiful humans. It’s Memorial Day and this is my first ever blog, so bear with me.  I have no idea what I’m doing nor where I want to go with this.  Therefore, I would LOVE some feedback from you guys!

So where do I begin…

I guess I will talk about what’s been going on behind the scenes for my business.  Man has this been a roller coaster, I never know what sharp turn is going to whip me in a different direction, and there have been high highs and low lows… I didn’t know that I wanted to start an online business, to be honest, I never really thought that I could. It just was something I never saw myself doing.  I’m in school on track for nursing so i thought that being a nurse was the be all end all for me, or pursuing whatever job career I picked from the usual job list.  However, while surfing social media, I also wished I had their lives; living in these amazing houses, with a new gorgeous outfit every day, just living their life to the fullest.  I thought the only way to do that was by going to school and getting a good job.  So you could say I wished I was one of those Instagram girls.  Then this girl that I was following said she was offering this program to grow your social media. I jumped on the opportunity, and that’s where online coaching was introduced to me. 

Guess what? This was PERFECT for me. 

I LOVE fitness and nutrition, and I wanted to give back to people by helping them reach their fitness goals.  But my love for this stuff is a story for another day… I declared myself as a personal coach and tried getting clients but I was not organized at all, and didn’t really have a plan or have stuff put together. Resulting in a struggle to get clients. I finished the social media growth program and shifted my 100% focus on starting my business the right way.  I went back to square one!!! Built my business how I wanted to run it, and am currently about to launch my one on one program… the right way this time on June 1st!! So when I was in the first program my boyfriend Jordan was working a lot so it was very hard to be all in, therefore my results suffered.  Once I got out of the program school was almost done with, and it was time to be all in.  Even Jordan got on board.  So we started researching and really planning our business out and how to grow my social media.  We hired someone to help with getting the business up for example making a logo, graphic design, and making a website.  We also hired a business mentor, which we are currently working with to help also get our business launched. (sorry this part is all over the place because that is exactly how it happened in real life lol). We are a week away from our launch, we are finally organized and ready to take on clients to take them through an even better program! We are currently finalizing systems and paperwork this week for the program, and yeah that brings up back to where I am today.

So a little about this blog; every Monday morning I’m going to sit down and write about what’s going on or a topic that you guys are interested in. So be ready to hear all that goes on in your coaches head :))) 

Until next Monday!!!